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10 May 2004
Our reseller accounts disk space and bandwidth have been increased to the same levels as our regular accounts. This is the perfect way for a new web hosting company to resell our web space under there own name, or for current customers to get a great deal on a second account.
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For Sanders Hosting your privacy is very important. All of our employee's sign strict non-disclosure agreements. This makes them liable for any unauthorized information disclosure about the company's business or its customers. As in any business we gather important information about our customers. We believe that you as our customer have the right to know how this information is used.

Statement of Intent
Sanders Hosting is in the business of web hosting, not marketing. It is for this reason that all personal data collected is not be shared with a third party for any reason. We use you personal data for internal purposes only, contact information, billing information, technical information, and usage information. The use of this information is mainly to assure quality service for our customers, and of course collect payment. On the other hand, visitor information is also use for internal purposes only. We conduct research with this data to improve our marketing strategy. In addition, we will not use any of this information to sell data or spam users, customers or visitors. Sanders Hosting also stores all correspondence between us and our customers for record keeping and historical service reference. Sanders Hosting does engage computer tracking with the SOLE purpose of identifying illegal usage or fraudulent behavior of some individuals or organizations that may be trying to operate or are in operations on our servers.

Notice and disclosure
In the event of any policy change regarding our privacy policies you will be notified. As our business grows so does our documentation, responsibilities and liabilities, hence expect more changes. After all, change is the only constant on the universe. Also, this may happen in the case of a company buyout, merger, acquisition and/or strategic alliance.

In the event that we may be forced to disclose personal information (only done through procedures of the law), we will inform the customer, unless the authorities require the contrary. Sanders Hosting provides users the opportunity to opt-out of receiving communications at the point where we request information. Unless, of course, it is to update billing and contact information. We will ask for your approval in the event that we may want to share your information with one of our future spin-off companies.

Data Security
We monitor our systems 24/7, always on the lookout for misuse of the system. This means that we know what is happening in our servers, thus safeguarding the integrity of its databases. We do 2 to 3 daily backups to RAID hard media to ensure that our customers do not loose their data due a catastrophic failure of our systems. Our accounting computers are under lock and key and only accounting personnel are allowed near them. Our NOC (network operations center) is always populated by a member(s) of our staff so the systems are never left alone. It is also climate control to keep humidity out of the system and ensure the system's top performance and data integrity.

Data Quality and Access
We at Sanders Hosting continuously update our databases and we keep track of outdated information. We send notifications when some of your information needs to be updated so we can assure the continuation of your services and keep our customers informed. Once the updates and corrections are made they can not be altered. Only top management and/or customers can modify that information.

Sanders Hosting is not responsible for the personal data collected by web sites and companies hosted on our servers. Sanders Hosting is extremely zealous of the information provided by our customers and this information will not be disclosed, unless:
  • we have the consent of the customer; or
  • by the authority of the law.

By the authority of law means that if for any reason in an investigation by the United States Federal Government (e. i. Federal Bureau of Investigations, Internal Revenue Service, US Department of Defense, US Department of Justice and the such) or by the order any United States and/or State Court that would subpoena that information, the information will be disclosed to the appropriate authorities. All in accordance to US Federal Law and State law depending on the customer's original jurisdiction. Sanders hosting will abide by any legislation, past and future, regarding privacy protection by the United States Federal Government.

If you have any questions, you can contact our legal representative at [email protected]

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