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10 May 2004
Our reseller accounts disk space and bandwidth have been increased to the same levels as our regular accounts. This is the perfect way for a new web hosting company to resell our web space under there own name, or for current customers to get a great deal on a second account.
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Want to make money reselling Sanders Hosting's services? Or do you want to save money on your next web project? If your answer is yes, then our reseller program is what you need. As a reseller you have all the benefits of being a web hosting provider, without the operating costs. You provide your clients with customer service, technical support, pricing and billing and we'll do the rest. All resold accounts are full accounts and independent from your original account. There is no limitation on the number of resold accounts you can have.

How does the program work?
Open an account at Sanders Hosting, and you instantly become a reseller. Get all of the web hosting plans listed below at 40% off the regular price!

Sanders Hosting remains completely anonymous to each account you setup. We bill you through PayPal for each account and you can bill your clients whatever you want. Also, our anonymous control panel (at will allow them to create email accounts, change passwords, etc. We also provide the dns servers and that point from your domain name to our dns servers for complete anonymity.

Below is the pricing structure for our reseller accounts. Note that domains are not included for free with reseller accounts. To qualify for the reseller program you must already have an account with Sanders Hosting. As a reseller you can resell these accounts to your customer at any price. Remember that with resold accounts you are responsible for providing billing and tech support to your customers as we will only communicate directly with you. If you qualify and are interested in signing up for a reseller account then contact our sales department at [email protected].

Compare our Accounts
Personal Basic Original Plus Deluxe
Payment Terms
Monthly fee $3.57 $5.97 $8.97 $11.97 $17.97
Administration/setup fee $0 $0 $0 $0 $0
No long term commitments or contracts
Account Features
Webspace allowed (powered by RAID storage) 75MB 200MB 400MB 750MB 1500MB
Data transfer limit (per month) 2GB 6GB 10GB 15GB 24GB
Quick and responsive email tech support
Secure automatic monthly payments via PayPal
30 Day money back guarantee
Domain accessible with or without 'www'
Unique IP address  
Multiple domains allowed (multiple domains pointing to the same web site)
Ads/banner free!
Real Audio/Video, Quicktime, MPEG, Media Player and others (all via HTTP streaming)
Support for Shockwave and Flash files and other Macromedia formats
Support for MIDI, IPIX, Fractal images, PNG images, VRML, and more
Support for hundreds of file formats
Real-time statistics
Anonymous FTP server access 24/7     7
Up to 10 subdomains ( for free ($1/month per subdomain for other accounts)        
Email Features
E-mail accounts (IMAP/POP3/SMTP), aliases, forwarders, autoresponders 10 30 50 100 300
Catch-all email account
Support for Everyone.Net,, etc.
SquirrelMail© web based email
web site Management
Browser based, easy-to-use Control Panel for each account
FrontPage 98/2000/2002 support

Note: MS Access is not supported.
Support for Dreamweaver, HomeSite, Go Live, HotDog and hundreds more.
FTP access
Secure FTP access
Access to raw log files
Telnet access 24/7
SSH/SSH2 Secure Shell access 24/7 (encrypted Telnet/email/FTP for maximum security)
Advanced Features
99.95% Uptime guarantee
Form CGI
SSI (Server Side Includes); no EXEC on A+ Basic
Password protected directories
Custom error pages
Support for .htaccess files
Custom DNS settings
/cgi-bin/, CGI execution on any directory
Perl, C/C++, Python
Perl modules: DBI, CGI, XML and others. If we don't have the one you need, we'll install it!
Crontab (cron jobs)
Command line editors: emacs, vi, joe, pico. If we don't have the one you need, we'll install it!
PHP4 (compatible with PHP3)  
JavaServer Pages (JSP) and Java Servlet support    
MySQL Database ($.5/month for other accounts)      
Miva (HTMLScript)        
SSL (secure transaction pages)        
Servers and systems
Pentium 4 server CPUs
Individual CPU speed 2Ghz+ 2Ghz+ 2Ghz+ 2Ghz+ 2Ghz+
Server's memory (333Mhz DDR) 1GB+ 1GB+ 1GB+ 1GB+ 1GB+
Network interface 100Mbit 100Mbit 100Mbit 100Mbit 100Mbit
Redundant Tier 1 Internet connection
Backups made 3 times a day
UPS battery cluster, industrial power plant
RAID storage on servers 100GB+ 100GB+ 100GB+ 100GB+ 100GB+
Specially modified high performance UNIX/Linux OS server

Additional storage and bandwidth
200MB storage - $5/month | 1GB bandwidth - $2/month

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