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10 May 2004
Our reseller accounts disk space and bandwidth have been increased to the same levels as our regular accounts. This is the perfect way for a new web hosting company to resell our web space under there own name, or for current customers to get a great deal on a second account.
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FAQ: Domain transfer

  • Can you do the domain transfer (DNS modification) process when I sign up?
    We can do so only if you registered your domain through Network Solutions. If you registered your domain through any other registrar, you should do the DNS changes to the domain yourself, as other registrars usually require a personal password to do such things. Plus, their domain modification methods are all different and there is no way for us to know them all. Please check the registrar's website for more information on how to change your domain's DNS configuration.

    If you want us to take care of it even if the registrar is not Network Solutions, we'll do everything in our power to help you with it.

  • What must I do to complete the transfer?
    Once Sanders Hosting sends a transfer request for your domain (Network Solutions only), you will receive an email describing the requested domain transaction. All you need to do is reply to that email accepting the changes. Don't do any changes to the message itself. The email contains full instructions at the beginning of it.

    If you will be doing the transfer yourself, then you need to visit the website of the registrar that registered the domain (for example, and check their domain transfer procedures. If the domain was registered with Network Solutions, just click on "Make Changes" on their main page and then follow on the instructions.

  • What changes will you do/I need to do to my domain record?
    A few changes are necessary to complete your domain transfer. First, the DNS entries for your domain will be changed to point to Sanders Hosting's DNS servers.


  • Who will handle payment for the domain after the transfer?
    All renewal fees will be paid by Sanders Hosting for as long as you stay hosted with us. This means that we might be required to modify the billing information of your domain. This does NOT apply to non-U.S. domains.

    Note: You must request this service when you sign up for an account. At that time we will transfer your domain over to our registrar and pay for the renewal fees.

  • What about transfers of non-U.S. domains (not .com, .net or .org)?
    There are hundreds of non-U.S. domain extensions, and because of this, Sanders Hosting can't handle the transfers of foreign domains. The reason is that the transfer process of each foreign domain organization is usually different, and in different languages too. If you have a foreign domain that you would like to transfer to our servers, read the domain transfer instructions provided by the registrar in charge of that non-U.S. domain. Usually, to transfer a domain, the only changes you need to do are to your domain's DNS entries. Change them to the Sanders Hosting's DNS servers mentioned above.

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